How are clients accepted into RDA Peninsula’s programs?

Participants in our programs are selected from Special Developmental Schools and as individuals in consultation with RDA Coaches or via RDA Assessment.

Is there a waiting list?

Early intervention/individuals: the waiting list varies. To find out the current status, please  contact us.

Special Development Schools: contact the teacher in charge of the RDA Riding Program for further information.

What other equestrian activities are offered by RDA centres?

Carriage driving, hippotherapy, vaulting, dressage.

What are the costs for riders in RDA Peninsula programs?

RDAV Registration is currently $215 per annum for all riders. Weekly riding fee is $25 per session.

Can clients go to the Paralympics?

Yes. Start at a local centre and then you can progress through state and national squads.

What happens on high fire danger days?

As the arena is indoors, it’s unlikely that a cancellation would be required, but the coach of the day will make the decision to cancel, and notify the school or individual.

How do I become a coach?

Volunteer at RDA Peninsula and you can commence the accredited RDAA Coaching Syllabus.

There are 3 progressive stages:

Is RDA a registered charity?


Can I loan/give/sell my horse to RDA?

Enquiries regarding free lease or sale of suitable, reliable, sound, experienced horses are gratefully received – please contact us.

How are horses cared for at RDA?

Our horses are the backbone of our organisation so we treat them with great care and respect. All horses are regularly wormed, seen by the dentist, farrier, vet and physiotherapist as required and in addition have premium feed according to their individual needs.

Privacy and confidentiality?

RDA actively seeks to ensure that the privacy and confidentiality of all riders and volunteers is protected from misuse, modification, disclosure or unauthorised access.

Do I need to be horsey to volunteer at RDA Peninsula?

No. Previous horse experience is not essential, all you need is a keen desire to help and learn. There are jobs for people who do not wish to work with horses. On the job training is ongoing.

Why do I need a Working With Children Check to be a volunteer?

It is a state government requirement which helps protect children.

How do I become a volunteer?

Please complete the application found on our Volunteering page.

What age do I have to be to volunteer?

The minimum age requirement is 12 years old, and while there is no maximum age limit, volunteers over the age of 80 are not covered by insurance. 12–18 year olds require written parental/guardian consent.

What volunteer training is offered?

All volunteers are provided orientation, initial training, annual revision and special training workshops held at the centre.

Do volunteers have to bring their own tea/coffee/lunch?

Tea, coffee and biscuits are provided. Volunteers bring their own lunch.

Do I have to volunteer every week?

For the riders benefit, consistency is extremely important, therefore it is desirable for you to be able to make a regular weekly commitment.

Do I have to volunteer on the same day each week?

Again for the riders benefit, consistency is extremely important and it is desirable for you to be able to make a regular commitment to the same day each week.

Do I have to volunteer for the full day?

No, you can regularly commit to a half day weekly.

Would I be covered by insurance whilst volunteering?

Yes all our volunteers are covered by RDAV insurance.

Can I bring my children when I volunteer?

It is not safe for children to be left unsupervised at RDA.

Can volunteers ride horses at RDA?

Occasionally we have the opportunity to ride. We also have specialised trainers for schooling our horses.

Do I need to wear special clothing to volunteer at RDA?

It is highly recommended that volunteers wear covered sturdy footwear (eg. Blundstone boots), a sun protective hat and clothing.

Is there a committee of management?

Yes. The committee meets once a month and the AGM is usually held late October. Volunteers are encouraged to attend and participate.

Do I have to be a financial member to volunteer?


Am I liable if a client I am supervising gets injured?

Adequate training is provided to ensure volunteers are equipped with the appropriate skills. In the unlikely event of an accident RDA riders and volunteers are covered by an RDAV insurance policy.